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  Friends: True Stories of Extraordinary Animal Friendships

About the Book

What makes a camel friends with a Vietnamese pig? Or a wild polar bear with a sled dog? In a young preschool book, Catherine Thimmesh makes us wonder at the truth and mystery of unlikely animal friendships. Because the stories behind these friendships are true, not contrived, they not only give readers insight into animals, but challenge preconceived notions about compatability. Without becoming didactic or laden with message, this book expresses tolerance of differences and makes us look the kindness of animals—and humans—a little differently. 

Because they were there at just the right time, photographers in Siberia, India, Africa, the U.S., China, England, Germany and Japan were able to capture the truth and mystery of these existing friendships.

Awards and Honors

2011 Summer IndieNext List
NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book
California Reading Association's Eureka! Nonfiction Children's Book Award Chicago Public Library's 2012 Best of the Best
Minnesota Book Award finalist

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