20 Random Things

20 random things

Catherine Thimmesh
Catherine Thimmesh
Photo: Lori Dozier
  1. Hated my red hair when I was growing up. Was called “Big Red” and “Carrot Top”—even by some grown-ups.
  2. Get car sick if I’m not driving.
  3. Am a Mac person.
  4. Love office supplies; especially paper.
  5. Traveled Europe by myself for a month (in my early 20s).
  6. Passed out on the crowded Tube (subway) in London from exhaustion/jet-lag.
  7. Once wrote a single sentence that was grammatically correct (I think) and two-pages long.
  8. First book I tried to write was a really bad picture book cliché.
  9. Was attacked by a cat randomly one night while babysitting.
  10. My first time skydiving, thought I was free-falling for about 15 minutes (in reality it was about 10 seconds).
  11. Cry every time they stand on the desks in “Dead Poet’s Society.”
  12. Was cut from every sports team I ever tried out for.
  13. Am master of the playground four-square game (traditional version).
  14. Had a Hollywood producer scream at me and tell me no one cared about the moon landing.
  15. Named my daughter after the name I always used when playing with Fisher Price Little People.
  16. Went to Space Camp as an adult.
  17. Am still surprised when someone I don’t know says “I read your book.”
  18. Became semi-hysterical when I saw humpback whales breech outside my balcony in Hawaii.
  19. Eat a lot of peanut-buttered toast.
  20. Dialed for Obama votes and went off-script a lot.